(65) Pandemic Divorce with Tara

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There are lots of stats about pandemic divorce, but few personal stories because of the sensitivity of this topic. Lucky for us, fellow writer, Tara Mandarano, opens up about her story and how it went down, the agreements she had about romance and soulmates, her insecurities about being a single mom, what’s getting her through it, other people’s opinions about her choice to write through her wounds, and more. … Read more

(60) Feminist Dad with Jordan

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Join me for this remarkable episode where a dude, author Jordan Shapiro, is doing the important work of fighting the patriarchy! Feminism is funny, apparently, because we laugh a lot as we talk about what he learned in the locker room that stayed with him as he grew into a man, the problematic narrative of men thinking they’re the hero of everyone’s story, subtle anti-feminist sentiments dads don’t realize they have, how they can shift their thinking which benefits everyone around them, and more.… Read more

(56) From Irresponsible Ejaculations to Shiplap with Gabrielle

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Gabrielle Blair (aka “Design Mom,” and the person behind the viral Twitter thread about the actual root cause of abortions) talks with me about how we prioritize male pleasure even at an extreme risk to women, men’s aversions to vasectomies, easy ways to make our homes more functional and enjoyable during a pandemic, and more, in this whiplashy episode.Read more

(54) It Took Divorce to Make My Marriage Equal with Lyz

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Author, Lyz Lenz, talks about what happened when she realized she was the only one supporting her dream, and how she finally got that equality she was seeking. Lyz also shares the dangers of marrying someone with political differences, how to negotiate the contract of marriage, and why it’s important to show our kids that there is no invisible lunch-making fairy.… Read more

(51) You Are Enough with Dr. Claire

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In this episode, I am talking to someone we all need right now – a psychologist! Join me and Dr. Claire Nicogossian as we talk about all things mental health including the difference between responding to the pandemic and actual depression, how to cope with shadow emotions such as anger, what self-care is and isn’t, and the one thing she filed in the back of her brain as a therapist all these years.… Read more