(Ep. 17) My Lesbian Parenting Fantasies with Denise

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Today’s episode is in response to my first two podcast episodes. A few of my lesbian and queer listeners were like, “What the shit is this hetero life and marriage you talk about??” Their shock and disdain made me want to know more about same-sex marriages, and how much of our hetero marriage and parenting issues are gender based.Read more

(Ep. 5) Mom Hacks I Don’t Hate with Dr. Darria

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Join me as E.R. doctor and author of Mom Hacks, Dr. Darria Long Gillespie, divulges her tried and true hacks for overwhelmed moms. She wrote this book because she needed these hacks to survive. Learn how to leverage your inherent laziness, carve out time in the morning, outsmart your picky eaters, ditch multi-tasking, and make exercise achievable (anyone remember “8-Minute Buns”?).Read more