Mother Wound

(50) Motherhood So White with Nefertiti

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Author, Nefertiti Austin, stops by to discuss Black motherhood, adoption, single parenting, and why white motherhood is the default reflected in the media. We also talk about her book, how she healed her own mother wound, the discrepancy between white and Black adoptions, and how Black women and mothers are dehumanized (which was not on my radar).… Read more

(Ep. 23) Grief and Motherhood with Caity

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In this “very special” episode, we talk about grief and motherhood with someone who has a pretty heavy story about losing her own parents. With lots of dark humor and openness, Caity speaks out about what it’s like to parent without your own parents in hopes that others dealing with loss amid motherhood will know that they’re not alone in the bittersweet messiness that is grief.Read more

(Ep. 3) The Long Game (& Mother Wounds) with Kathie – Part 1

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In Part 1 of “The Long Game (& Mother Wounds),” my dear friend and seasoned mother of SEVEN (yes) who loves to swear, Kathie, offers a big-picture view of motherhood and wisdom about how we mess our kids up, mealtime struggles that span the ages, her most memorable moments of birth, and the effects of a deep mother wound.Read more