Same-Sex Parenting

(58) The Realest Housewife with Braunwyn

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This interview might be one of my all time favorites as Braunwyn Windham-Burke so openly shares her misgivings about being on the Real Housewives of Orange County, along with the parts she absolutely loves. She also divulges her rock bottom moments and the hardest part of getting sober on TV, why coming out as a lesbian happened sooner than she’d wanted it to, how she’s co-creating an out-of-the-box partnership with her husband, Sean, and how kissing a costar cost her tens of thousands of dollars.… Read more

(Ep. 17) My Lesbian Parenting Fantasies with Denise

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Today’s episode is in response to my first two podcast episodes. A few of my lesbian and queer listeners were like, “What the shit is this hetero life and marriage you talk about??” Their shock and disdain made me want to know more about same-sex marriages, and how much of our hetero marriage and parenting issues are gender based.Read more