(32) We Need to Talk to Kids About Porn with Jo

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This episode is not for the faint of heart as me and my sex-therapist guest, Jo Robertson, leave nothing to the imagination as we discuss the importance of talking to our kids about porn. We cover Jo’s TED Talk that shook me, the likelihood of early exposure to porn in the internet age, how this wires our kids’ minds about what is normal, and Jo offers lots of practical things we can do to mitigate the damage.Read more

(Ep. 26) The Revolution Begins at Home with Beth

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Buckle up for a passionate discussion with Beth Berry from “Revolution From Home,” as we do a deep dive into what needs to be burned to the ground in modern motherhood. I absolutely love Beth’s honest and progressive take on how us moms are being brainwashed (and how we’re complicit… shit), the consequences of continually saying yes when our body says no, and why our isolation is so problematic for us as women, but not for the powers that be.Read more