(64) I See Dead People with Tim

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My favorite medium of over 20 years, Tim Braun, shares how his gift felt like a curse as a child, a dream that changed his path, and responds to my question about if we can contact my favorite dead famous people! He also answers the very light question of what happens when we die (and he has specifics!), shares what happens when he watches Forensic Files, and divulges his most memorable sittings of the past 23 years (PG and R-rated). This episode is beyond interesting!

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Brandy:  Hello Adult Conversation Podcast listeners. Today’s episode was like a dream come true for me. I got to interview my favorite medium and ask him all the questions I’ve ever wanted to. We talk about how his gift felt like a curse when he was younger, a dream that changed his path, how he tunes out the sometimes overwhelming spirit world, one way Spirit went too far with him, and his answer to my question about contacting dead famous people that I love. He also answers the very light question of what happens when we die, and he has specifics. He shares what happens when he watches Forensic Files and he divulges his most memorable sittings of the past 23 years. This episode is packed with interesting shit, you guys!

Brandy: Okay, two more things. I don’t usually give a trigger warning for my episodes. But I just want to let you know that in this episode, we’re talking about death, which can include things like murder, suicide, miscarriage, and abortion, among other things. Second is that there’s a strange clicking noise every once in a while on Tim’s audio track. I did not hear this when we were recording. If I had, I would have asked him what the clicking was or troubleshot with him because I’m usually pretty on it with audio disturbances from my audio or my guests’ audio. So I’m not saying the clicking is Spirit or something spooky, but I’m also pretty sure it is because it tends to come up when Tim’s talking about Spirit. I edited out a lot of the clicks that were unnecessary or in parts of the audio where it wasn’t needed. But you will hear the lingering ones. On to the show.

Brandy:  Today on the podcast, I’m talking with someone I met professionally almost 20 years ago, and who continually blows me away with his work as a medium. From the day I met Tim Braun, his gift changed how I saw the world and loved ones who passed away. And he probably doesn’t know it, but having a session with him even changed how I set up my wedding. He wrote a book called Life and Death. He lectures, does readings and reading circles for private clients, including some celebrities, and he’s appeared on some TV shows as well. I believe he also worked with Mother Teresa, and he’s seriously the nicest guy I think I’ve met, ever. Welcome to the podcast, Tim. 

Tim:  Thank you, Brandy. Thanks for having me. 

Brandy:  Yeah, of course. Ever since I booked this interview with you, I’ve been giddy because when I’ve seen you over the years, we are immediately knee-deep in messages coming through from loved ones and now I finally get the chance to ask you all the questions (annoying or not) that I have about your gift and your background. I don’t know if you have enough rose water for what you signed up for today. {Laughs}

Tim:  That’s fine. Whatever I can do to help you and help your listening audience. I’m more than more than able and more than willing and I’m excited as well.

Brandy:  Okay, awesome. Before we get to all the juicy stuff, what is something you think the listeners need to know about you, other than the fact that you see dead people? Or hear them?

Tim:  I’m just a really practical guy. I’m a skeptic. A lot of people say, “You’re a medium and you’re a skeptic?” I’m like, “Absolutely!” I’m so skeptical of other mediums. I’m skeptical of other psychics. I’m skeptical of a lot of people unless I’ve had proof that they are legitimate. So that’s on one hand—I’m a skeptical person. But for me, I’m a very transparent person. I love doing my work. I work four days a week, do five sittings a day, four days a week, and I have been doing this now for 20 years. But getting back to your specific question, what is something about me? I’m just very honest. I’m very direct. I’m born and raised here in Southern California but when I do my work, some of my clients have asked me, “Are you from New York? Because you talk like a New Yorker.” And I’m like, “No, I’m born and raised here in Southern California.” But when I do the work, I’m very honest. I always tell my clients, “Yes, you’re the one paying me to do the work, but I don’t work for you. I work for whoever’s coming through.” So if there’s some things that are coming through, that are embarrassing or very, very hurtful, that person’s coming through to apologize. I say whatever comes in from spirit, so I never censor anything and I always give my client exactly what I see, feel, hear, and taste.

Brandy:  Yeah, I remember that because I had a situation where—I’m sure you don’t remember this, because you’ve sat with so many people and this was like 20 years ago. I came to you with my friend, Christine and I was just floored by what I heard, and it was mostly for her, but then I booked a session alone with you. Coincidentally, my uncle had died a few weeks before I was scheduled to see you. He was a Deacon in the Catholic Church and he didn’t believe in any of this medium stuff. He had a really funny, sometimes crude sense of humor. At his funeral, I went up to the casket, and I was like, “Just so you know, I know you don’t believe in all this, but I’m about to go talk to a medium next week, and his name is Tim and if you want to talk to me, feel free. I know this isn’t your jam—” You know, as you do to a body in a casket. Then when I sat with you, the first thing you said is, “I have a male coming in who’s saying, ‘I can’t believe this shit is real'”. And I just knew it was him. Then you matched—I mean, I didn’t even give you anything and you named his wife by first name, who he wanted to apologize to for the way that he exited. My mind was blown. So yes, that is an example of how you brought through for me somebody without having any of the sensors on it. It had to be that way because otherwise I wouldn’t have known who it was.

Tim:  When you mentioned being a Deacon in the Catholic Church, I totally get that. Both my mom and dad are both Eucharistic ministers for the Catholic Church. My mom even has one step above most people where she—once a week, takes the communion box and goes into retirement homes (rest homes) and give the communion to the sick. She’s the woman priest. So I totally get Catholicism. I’m the youngest of six kids in a very, very Catholic Taliban family. We call my mom’s side of the family, the dad’s side, the Catholic Taliban, because they’re just so Catholic. But being the youngest of six kids, I have one sister that actually refers clients to me, and then I actually have three siblings that are praying for my soul. 

Brandy:  Yeah, oh, my gosh, right!

Tim:  I totally get that. For those of your audience members that are Jewish, I always tell my Jewish clients, “Well, you guys invented the guilt. As Catholics, we just perfected it.” Which is totally true. It’s all about guilt.

Brandy:  {Laughs} Right. Ah, religion. The beauty of religion, feeling awful about yourself. Isn’t that great? No, I know, there’s more to it than that. Okay, there’s so much. First of all, because I want to go back to how you knew you had this gift, which is maybe how I’ll start. When did this gift start happening? Did you accept it? Did you know what it was? I would imagine if you were younger it would be kind of hard to know what’s normal and what’s not. When did you first recognize it?

Tim:  Now I would say it’s a gift, but going back as a child, I would have to say it’s more of a curse. It was about six years of age, I started seeing, feeling, hearing Spirit but I didn’t know that I was actually seeing Spirit. Back in Whittier, where I grew up (Whittier, California) my parents have a half-acre estate. I remember being in the backyard playing with my Tonka toys, playing in the dirt. I would be playing with my friend Joey, who lived four doors down the street, on the left hand side, and he would come over every day and him and I wouldn’t be in the backyard playing Tonka toys. Then Christmas came around and my mom and dad (more so my mom) is crazy about Christmas, she puts the stockings up and all that stuff. The tree—she goes bananas on Christmas. So I said, “Well, we gotta make a stocking for Joey.” And she said, “Who’s Joey?” And I said, “Joey, the one I play with every single day in the backyard.” And she says, “Honey, you just play with yourself back there. She goes, “I see you talking, but you’re there by yourself.” And at that point, I thought I was losing my mind. 

Brandy:  Oh, gosh. 

Tim:  At that same time, believe it or not, my brother who was and still is 18 years older than myself, was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Also obsessive compulsive schizophrenia. So at that same time, I’m hearing voices that nobody else is seeing, and my brother’s hearing voices, and I’m not seeing what he’s hearing. So it really was a curse for me, from six years of age until my early 20’s. It lessened every year. The first few years, it was really, really hard to not focus on spirits. Every time that I would start seeing what would appear to be in spirit, I would look the other way. I’d look to the left if they were on the right. If they were straight ahead of me, I would look to the left. I wouldn’t acknowledge them, I would pretend that they weren’t there. The reason why is because I just did not want to accept that. I felt like if I didn’t acknowledge it, it would go away. That’s how it all started for me going back years ago. It wasn’t until my early 20’s when I was in my dorm room at USC, I woke up and I had a vision actually, because in that vision, Mother Teresa came into the vision. This is going back to 1995 when I was in college, and she, of course, was still living at that time, and she came into my dream, and she had her arms wide open and there was four missionary men standing behind her, and they were guiding me and walking me into this village. I instantly called information, called 411 and asked for a Catholic church because I grew up Catholic, but I had never really considered myself Catholic. The operator says, “Well, we have St. Vibiana’s Cathedral in downtown Los Angeles.” Of course, that was when the cathedral was still there. I said, “Okay, great.” So I called up the number and I said, “Can you tell me something about Mother Teresa?” And the operator said, or the receptionist said, “Well, we have the brothers of Mother Teresa, and we have the Sisters of Mother Teresa,  which one would you like?” I was just about ready to say the sisters, because you would think, sisters, woman, Mother Teresa.

Brandy:  Right. 

Tim:  At that same time, that voice that I heard as a child, that same voice, that same distinct voice says, “No, no. Ask for the brothers of Mother Teresa.” So I asked for the brothers of Mother Teresa, and basically just said, “Hey, can you tell me anything about Mother Teresa?” I didn’t want to tell the guy I had a dream. He thought I was probably a Looney tune. So he goes, “Yeah, sure. Where are you located?” I said, “I’m right down here at USC.” And he goes, “Oh, we’re just three blocks up the street off of Figueroa and there’s a man that just came in from India, I’m sure he would love to talk to you about it.” So I drove my 1991 Acura Integra up Figuera on Sunday morning and when I walked up to this house, this Caucasian man said, “Oh, you must be Tim.” And I said, “Yes,” and so he opened the door and this Indian man was there. That Indian man and I sat down on the couch. First thing he said is, he goes, “So you had a dream to come to India.” I just lost it. I’m like, “Oh my god, this is crazy. This is like out of a movie.” Long story short, I found myself in Calcutta, India, three months later. I was working hands-on with Mother Teresa for a week and a half. What I didn’t realize at the time was—I just thought he was a regular missionary. He dressed in very missionary plain clothing. I didn’t realize that he was the head of the world-wide male missionaries. When I got back from India, then I realized, “Okay, I don’t have an illness, I don’t have any mental disease. It’s obviously a gift and pursue it.” Since then my career has just taken off.

Brandy:  Yeah. Wow. That’s so fascinating about—I mean, all of that. But when you were a kid, and you were playing with this, Joey—When you said that you wouldn’t, you know, if the spirit was over here, you would look the other way? How did you know to differentiate between what was a spirit and what was actually a normal human being? Because it sounded like you thought Joey was real. So what became the thing where you could tell them apart?

Tim:  So if anybody else wasn’t looking off to the left, and I would see people there, then I would assume that they were in spirit. Now, if that person did look off to the left and say, “Oh, look at that lady who just sat down,” and I’m like, “Okay, that’s a real person.” But there are many times when I would look off to the left or look off to the right and I wouldn’t see anything, then I would realize at that moment, “Okay, there’s nobody there, whether human or in spirit.” But as I got older, it was starting to get more faint. The energy coming through from Spirit was coming through more faint. Like when I was a kid, I saw Joey as I’m seeing a human being and then as I was in third and fourth and fifth grade, it started to weaken. Then I was able to tell more human versus spirit. It was still difficult, but I was able to hear and see more clearly with that energy lessening as I got older.

Brandy:  Okay, did you ever figure out who Joey was? Was there some lore that there was a little boy that had died? Did you ever figure that out? 

Tim:  No, never did. I’m the youngest of six kids and that neighborhood that I was in was an older neighborhood, so he could have passed over in that neighborhood. What I feel is it was just a spirit companion. I don’t feel it was anybody that was trapped to the land or down the street as he said he was, I feel it was just a spirit companion being there with me and saying, “Hey, listen, you can see us.”

Brandy:  That is so fascinating. Wow. How do you—Do you see? It sounds like you see somebody and then you also hear them. How do you describe to people who aren’t sure what a medium is? How do you describe it to them?

Tim:  Sure. All mediums like myself are psychic, so we have psychic ability. But not all psychics are mediums. There are some psychics that can do mediumship, some can’t. All mediums are psychic because of our sensitivity. I always tell people that mediums connect with people who have crossed over. I always tell clients the only time that you need a medium is to listen from them. Anytime you want to talk to them on your own, oh, they’ll hear you. You don’t ever need a medium to talk to them. For example, a mother or father or grandmother or grandfather who passed over, you never need to come to me to tell them, “I’m getting married or just want to let you know, happy birthday, or I just wanna let you know, I love you.” That’s not necessary, you can do that on your own. The only time that you need a medium is when you sit down as you do in front of me and I tell you who’s coming through and what what they’re saying. I have a really strict policy when I’ve been doing this work. I’ve been doing it for 23 years full time. Up until last year, I was doing six sittings a day, four days a week and then last year, I thought, “Well, gosh, I’m starting to get a little bit tired when I’m doing the sixth sitting. I’m gonna shave that off.” Now, I leave an hour early and I feel like I’m cutting school. So I’m really happy when I get home and I’m excited and I play with my dog. The excitement’s back again, because I feel like cutting school. 

Brandy:  Oh, good. 

Tim:  But yeah, I’ve done this work for 23 years, full time. I’ve now done over 16,000 one-on-one sittings in eight countries. Death does not discriminate, as I always tell my clients. No matter where you are on the planet, no matter if you’re wealthy or poor, thin or fat, black or white, Jewish or Catholic, it doesn’t matter. Death does not discriminate. People are being affected by death all over the world. So when I come to Italy, all I need is a translator. As long as you have a translator, if it’s not in English, it’s fine. Because what it is, is they send the thought across from Spirit.

Brandy:  That’s what I was going to ask you. If there’s like a German relative and they don’t speak English, they can send you pictures.

Tim:  Yes. It’s basically by thought. So they’ll send me images, they’ll send me scents, sounds, they’ll show me images of different things when they were a child or young adult, or whatever it may be, in order for me to let that client know what’s coming through. 

Brandy:  Got it. I’m always curious how you engage with normal life with this gift? Do you have dead people pestering you all the time to deliver messages to people when you’re at the grocery store? Can you go into a crowd without spirits coming through? Can you turn it on and off? Like even today? Do you have a whole bunch of people that you are just holding back when you have conversations with people? Or is it you can kind of calm yourself and just not accept it? Or are they always banging at your door?

Tim:  Well, fast forward to me as an adult now, after doing this work over 23 years now, being in large crowds is kind of hard just because there’s so much energy and it’s not so much energy that’s coming in from, you know, the people that are living, it’s the energy and spirit that I feel for the people that are connected to those people. So that at times is still a little difficult. 

Brandy:  Okay.

Tim:  So how I get by it, I just have like two or three vodka sodas, and I’m like, “Okay, I can deal with this.” 

Brandy:  {Laughs}

Tim:  I’m just being as honest as possible. But getting back to where I started, when I got back from India, I realized, going back to this country, how materially wealthy this country is. I also realized how spiritually bankrupt we are. Coming from India, I realized they’re so spiritually wealthy, but materially bankrupt. Getting back from India, that’s when everything started, and I had to start doing an opening meditation. This is getting back to your question, do they pester you? This and that. Well, I’ve managed a way that every time a person sits with me, we do a two minute close-eyed meditation. If they want to keep their eyes open, they can. I close my eyes. I do a two minute guided opening meditation, I proceed with the sitting, and then when I’m done with the sitting, I do a two minute guided closing meditation just to shut down. All that’s doing, Brandy is basically telling Spirit, “Okay, he’s open for work, now he’s closed for work.” So when I’m open for work, it’s like the barber shop light is spinning. Then when I do the closing meditation, it’s like the barbershop light has stopped spinning and so they’ll realize I’m closed and that’s how they leave me alone.

Brandy:  Do they really obey that?

Tim:  For the most part. I still remember—this is going back probably about 18 years ago—I woke up at two o’clock in the morning, and I had to take a leak, so I’m walking down the hallway and, of course it’s two o’clock in the morning, I’m just waking up, I can’t really see, the lights are off. I knew the first door was the hallway. So I’m like, “Okay, it’s not that one,” so I just kept on going to the next door that’s the toilet. I know where the toilet is, I put the toilet seat down so I could sit down and pee without having to aim. As I was sitting down on the toilet seat, I just kind of glanced up andI saw this woman hanging from my rafters with a rope around her neck.

Brandy:  Oh, my God, Tim!

Tim:  It scared the hell out of me so much that I kind of fell off the toilet seat. How I remember this is because I remember I had to wipe the toilet seat with toilet paper, because I made a little bit of a mess. The thing is, I went back to bed that night and I told Spirit, I said, “I will do this work for you, but you’ve got to respect my off time. If you don’t respect my off time, I’m not going to do this work.” Once I said that, for the last 18 years, it’s only happened about five times. 

Brandy:  Wow. Because I imagine that is your life, everywhere you go. People like zombies coming out of the woodwork. This must be miserable. But I love that you’ve set a boundary and that actually most of them are following it.

Tim:  I’m glad you said zombies because people think that Spirit can be sometimes negative. And yeah, Spirit is positive and Spirit is negative. When a person crosses over, if they’re a good person, that’s how they are. If a person passes over and they’re an evil person or a bad person, yeah, that’s how they are. They just are out of the body. That’s another reason why I do the opening two minute guided meditation, because I basically place God’s white light all around the session around me and I say “God,” I’m old fashioned. If you don’t want to say “God,” you can say “spirit,” you can say “the universe,” you can say “Mother Earth,” but I place that energy around me so only higher vibration energy can come in, such as loved ones that a person wants to connect with, and I trust it. Again, there’s a lot of trial and error doing this over the years, and I still remember—this is going back probably about 20 years ago. Of course, I did the opening meditation, I put God’s white light all around the room, and started the sitting. I started to proceed and I said, “On your mom’s side of the family, there’s this one male that’s coming through. He’s not a grandfather, and he’s not an uncle by marriage, he’s an uncle by blood.” Then I clenched my stomach and I must have had a sour look on my face and my clients said, “Are you okay?” And I said, “I don’t think so.” She goes, “Would you like to stop the sitting?” I said, “No, it’s not about me, it’s about the man that’s coming in. He doesn’t make me feel comfortable. And she goes, “Yes. He didn’t make me feel comfortable either. He molested me when I was a child.”

Brandy:   Oh, wow. 

Tim:  Looking back on that, of course trial and error. Whenever something like that comes in the future, which is rare, but sometimes it still comes in the sitting, I basically say, you know what? I’m not going to connect, because I don’t want to make an icky situation for myself and I don’t want to get it an icky situation for the client. But looking back at that person that was coming through, he wasn’t there to scare her. He was there to apologize, and I ended the—I didn’t end the session, but I ended it with that man. I’m like, “Okay, great. I’m gonna focus on someone else.” And she goes, “Oh, please do.” Looking back on that I should have stayed with it and I know that the energy that was coming through there was to apologize, which has happened many other times when I’ve sensed an energy that wasn’t the best, but I kind of gave a little bit of time to see what they were saying. Then many times, it’s their way of saying, “I really messed up, I’m sorry, please forgive me.” There’s so much healing that takes place when that happens.

Brandy:  Oh, yeah, I remember in one of our sessions, we had somebody who was kind of on the edge like that. I remember you saying something like, “I don’t really love this guy’s energy. I don’t think we’re gonna go here.” There were other people, but I appreciate that because I feel like people who maybe want to do something like this, do a sitting with someone like you, or with you may feel nervous if they have somebody that gives them those feelings. I wouldn’t want to let them in, but knowing that you get the feeling too, and you discern that and have a good judgment about that would maybe make people feel safer. 

Tim:  Yeah, exactly. 

Brandy:  So what do you consider as the best or one of the best parts of being a medium?

Tim:  That’s a great question. I feel transformation and healing. I remember, years back, I had this husband and wife come in, and I still remember them, Patty and Mike. They had a daughter that passed over. I didn’t know that they were looking for a child. They just came in, they sat down, had the sitting, and of course I saw their daughter, Heather. I still remember this, out of all these years, the names of the parents and the name of the daughter. She was like 19 years of age and it was just a really abrupt ending that she had. They said yes, she committed suicide. I proceeded and I did the sitting and at the very end of the sitting, the woman looked at me—I could tell that she was a little skeptical coming in, I think the husband wanted to come in more than she did. But at the very end, she goes, “You know, my husband and I have been in weekly therapy for the last year over the death of our daughter. I have received more healing and peace of mind in this last 50 minutes than I did in last year with my therapist. So that really said to me, “Wow, you’re doing some good work.” Now, I’m not putting down therapy. I think everybody on the planet should be in therapy. 

Brandy:  Yeah, same.

Tim:  Therapists are great, but sometimes therapists can’t talk about the death aspect, because they’re not familiar with it, or they’re not comfortable with it. But when I’m doing my mediumship, the validations that come in so strong, the details come through so clear that the client knows, “Okay, he’s connecting with my daughter.”

Brandy:  Yeah, right. I feel like, that’s why we’ve been going to you for so long is because when you just sit in the presence of a loved one, that you can no longer sit in their presence, it’s such an amazing thing. You don’t realize that part of you that’s empty, and how it can get filled up, even if that person isn’t here, but to just hear messages or familiar things, and the words coming from you. I’m not surprised that that was your answer about what the best part is. I feel like being able to give that to people, something that’s really not giveable by anybody else that doesn’t have this gift, I feel like that is such a unique, special thing to give people. 

Tim:  Thank you. But I like to respond to that as, it doesn’t matter who you are on the planet, as long as you do your job 110% as best as you possibly can. My job in this lifetime, I’m a medium. I do my job 110% as best as I can. I’m never running late for a session, I start on time, I am there at the office, I meditate before. I give 110%. Whether you’re a school teacher, or whether you’re a stay at home mom, or whether you’re an accountant, or whether you’re an attorney, as long as you do your job 110% as best as you possibly can, that’s the most important thing. Whether you’re someone who’s high up on the totem pole, such as the pope or the Dalai Lama, or someone who’s low on the totem pole, as far as someone who’s living in a shanty, or someone who’s living in a shack, as long as you give of life and give to your family and friends 110% as best as you possibly can, there’s no difference from me to anybody else.

Brandy:  Yeah, but you have a really cool superpower. Just for a second. You are like a superhero. Anybody could go be an accountant, but not anybody, it seems like could go be a medium. Do you think anybody could go be a medium or do you think you have a special gift? 

Tim:  Yeah, either you have it or you don’t—

Brandy:  Okay. {Laughs} You’re like, “Yeah, I’m pretty cool.” Okay. That’s hilarious. Speaking of when you were saying that you were feeling that sensation in your body about being sort of doubled over and that stomach pain, I doubt you’ll remember this, but there was a time when you were doing a reading for me and my husband’s grandma was coming through with a message for my daughter who’s super girly, and she loves to have her nails painted. It’s something we do and even her dad, they paint their nails together. You were trying to convey that part, the girly part, and all of a sudden I smelled (I think you smelled it too) a really strong nail salon smell. But there was no nail salon anywhere and I remember being like, “This is so potent. I smell this and there has to—” and then it was gone. It was like one minute later it was gone. How do we make sense of that? How do spirits make that happen?

Tim:  It’s by thought. Even today, I did a handful of sittings today, this one client, her father stepped back and another man stepped in and that was her grandfather. And I’m like, “Wow, that’s a lot of alcohol.” And she goes, “Excuse me?” And I said, “I’m smelling a lot of alcohol on him.” Now, of course, she didn’t smell it, but she goes, “Yes, my grandfather was an alcoholic.” But what they will do is they will send through that energy as a thought. How it works, Brandy, is like this. It’s like whether I’m on the phone with you right now, or whether I’m in person with you, if I keep on visualizing for you to scratch your nose, itch your nose. I’m pretty sure I could probably get you to do it within about 20/25 minutes. That’s my thought on to you. Now, those in spirit side, what they will do is if they want to get something through, they will send that thought through. So if it’s alcohol, they’ll keep on sending that across, “Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol, alcohol,” over and over again until the medium picks it up.

Brandy:  Interesting. Yeah.

Tim:  If you smelled that nailpolish then you just happened to get a glimpse of what I get quite often.

Brandy:  Oh, that’s so fascinating. Okay, so really light question here. What happens when we die, Tim? {Laughs} 

Tim:  Well, it depends on the person. That’s a very individualistic question. When a person passes, whether you’re 10 years of age, or whether you’re 110 years of age, all within seven seconds, you have what’s called your life review. Have you heard of those people that had a near death experience, or they fall off a ladder, or they almost get hit by a bus?

Brandy:  Yeah.

Tim:  Of course, they escaped and they say, “Oh, my God, my whole life just flashed in front of me.” Well, what that’s all about is the same thing. When you die, you see all the good and all the bad that you have done in your entire life. Again, whether you’re 10 years of age, or whether you’re 110 years of age. I always tell my clients, I’m a medium, and people respond back to me saying that I’m a very, very talented medium, but I always respond back by, when I do this work, it has to come from my heart. It has to come from the soul. When a person has that life that flashes before them, they’re seeing all the good and all the bad. When I pass over, I always tell clients, I’m a medium, but I’m far from a saint, I know that there’s probably going to be maybe 90% of good that I’ll see and there’s gonna be 10% that I’m not going to be probably too happy with, over the lifetime things that I said, whether it’s directly or indirectly or consciously or unconsciously, or I’ve, affected somebody in a negative way. I’ll see that and I’ll feel that. And when I feel that, or any person feels that what they want to do is they want to fix that. So that’s why sometimes after—let’s say, a parent crosses over, and the little baby grandson says, “I keep on seeing grandpa at my door.” Well, is grandpa stuck? Is that little boy’s grandfather stuck? I say no, absolutely not. That person wants the family to know that they’re still there. Sometimes they want to come through and they want to apologize to the parents for the abuse that that father gave to the father of the child or the mother of the child. All within seven seconds, you have that life review, and you see all the good you’ve done, all the bad you’ve done. What I always tell my clients is, I bring this up, this life review, but I also let them know as I said, when you’re out in your driveway, and you’re washing your car with a sponge and soap suds, and the whole car’s washed, and you start taking the hose, and you keep on hosing off the car, what are you looking for? Can you answer that?

Brandy:  A clean car? {Laughs} 

Tim:  No, you’re not looking for a clean car, you’re looking for what’s dirty, so you can fix it.

Brandy:  Ah.

Tim:  So basically you’re cleaning the hood, you’re cleaning the fender and if there’s a bird poop or whatever, you put the hose on the side and take the sponge and keep on scraping that because you want to make sure that the car is clean, but what’s standing out is the dirty spots still. The spots that you’ve missed. 

Brandy:  Ah. Got it.

Tim:  You want to come back and you want to fix that. That’s the same thing about when a person passes over. You’re hosing off the car, so to speak and 90% of the car is clean but 10% is like, “Oh I really lied to my wife, I really was rude to my daughter, or I was abusive to my nephew.” Whatever it may be. You want to go back and fix that.

Brandy:  Wow, so is the going back and fixing that—That’s part of giving the message to the loved one to say I apologize for this. But is there—Do you believe in or have you seen evidence of reincarnation? Someone coming back to right a wrong? What happens after the seven second review after the messages are given? Is there another realm that the spirits go to? 

Tim:  Sure. When you make that crossing and you make that transition, what you do is you go to the astral world. Astral level. All it is, it’s just basically like a holding area. It’s like a city just like we have here and it’s just basically like a holding area until you wait until the other loved ones crossover.

Brandy:  What are the outfits like there? Really fast, is there—I’m thinking the movie Defending Your Life. What does this visually look like? Or is it just energy?

Tim:  It’s energy and there’s no things of clothing but you kind of have a cloak on and so it’s not about any type of clothing, it’s just more of a cloak. There’s a fascinating book, if you can find it. I believe it was written in 1920. It’s called The Blue Island and it’s written by W.T. Stead. I think it’s written by W.T. Stead but the woman who did the automatic writing, I think her name was Grace Cook, I’m not too sure. But if you Google “The Blue Island,” it’ll come up and the book is out of print, of course, but if you can find it’s a really, really good book about what it’s like when a person passes over. What it was is, back when the Titanic was built, the Titanic was the world’s safest and strongest ship that even God could not even sink it. That was really what screwed them all up is when they said that because whenever you mess with an energy like that, saying even God can’t even screw this up, it’ll get screwed up. Basically, there was a spiritualist on board named W.T. Stead, and in different seances, which is—I call my sittings, “sittings” but basically they’re old-fashioned seances. Back in England, he was in different seances and in different seances, different mediums came to him in seances and said, “Never take a maiden voyage of an ocean liner.” He was told that two or three different times in seances in England at the turn of the century. Then of course, the Titanic was built, so how can that ever sink if God can’t even sink it? Well, what happened is, is that everybody—the people that perished, perished. But there’s a woman, a little English woman in her 70’s, she was an automatic writer. What that is, is a person who just puts a pen in your opposite hand, and you just start writing. You don’t know what you’re writing, but Spirit’s basically writing for you. That’s what’s called an automatic writer. 

Brandy:  Whoa. 

Tim:  This woman started writing these different accounts of the sinking of the Titanic. Things that nobody else knew, and things that—it was verified that nobody else knew, it wasn’t public knowledge. In that book, as she wrote that she was basically the medium for W.T. Stead, who died on the ship. He basically said that when—They basically waited for the very, very last person to perish, to pass. And he says, “Once the very last person perished, we were like on a (as they said it in the book) supersonic lift,” which is basically a supersonic elevator. “We were only going just ever so gently, but we could tell it was going supersonic, and then we all ended up at this island and all of our loved ones were there waiting for us.” And that’s what’s called “the blue island.” So again, during that seven seconds, when you cross over, you have that life review, of course. If it’s a sudden passing, such as murder, or something that’s a complete accident, sometimes chances are the loved ones that you knew will not be there greeting you, because they did not know that you were crossing over.

Brandy:  Right, they didn’t get the invitation. 

Tim:  Exactly. But you will always be greeted by equal or better. So you could be greeted by an angel or spirit guide, someone of a higher realm to guide you and say, “Hey, you’ve come over here now, why don’t you get situated and we’ll get your family notified.” Now, when a person’s on hospice, you see this many, many, many times when a person’s on hospice and the person’s pointing to the wall and says, “There’s my Uncle Jerry.” Like, “No, Mom. Uncle Jerry died three years ago.” “No, no, he’s right here!” Is she delusional? Absolutely not. She’s basically seeing Spirit come through, because they’re basically knowing that this woman’s about ready to pass. She’s been in hospice for three months. They’re there to greet her.

Brandy:  Wow, that’s fascinating. I just had a friend whose husband was on hospice and that was one of the ways that she knew he was getting close, is because he was starting to see family members. So that was her alert that the time was coming to an end. Can you talk to whomever you want? Could you try to connect with Michael Jackson, if somebody wanted to? Controversial choice, I know. 

Tim:  Your questions are great. They’re just right to the point and you just catch me—

Brandy:  They’re like a 10 year old’s questions, I’m sorry. {Laughs}

Tim:  Exactly, I’m making sure—I’m like, “Okay, what’s the next one? What is she gonna ask?” I’ve been interviewed hundreds of times and have been interviewed—different newspaper articles and magazine articles worldwide and your questions are great, just like, boom, boom, boom! This is great. I love it. So, yes. 

Brandy:  Yes?!

Tim:  Yes. As long as you have a family member or a friend.

Brandy:  Wait, that’s connected to him or—?

Tim:  Exactly. Good question.

Brandy:  What if his last name is my middle name?

Tim:  If you don’t have a connection as far as knowing the person, then it still can be possible, but it’s extremely rare. At one of my Pala Casino shows I did—this is going back several years ago—I came to this woman and I brought through this man who ended his life, so forth and so on. Now, I didn’t know who it was. I just thought it was her boyfriend. Then everybody told me, “Wow, you brought through Robin Williams!” And I’m like, “Huh?” And they said, “Yeah, that woman you went to.” I’m like, “No, that was her boyfriend.” “Yeah, that was Robin Williams. Everything you said was how he passed.” She actually came up to me at the very end and she goes, “Yes, he wasn’t my boyfriend but him and I dated and it was Robin Williams.” So he came through but he came through for her because they had that link.

Brandy:  Yeah, right.

Tim:  I’ve been asked to do TV shows. “I want you to contact Marilyn Monroe.” I’m like, “Okay, great. Do we have any family members or friends of hers that are there?” “Oh, no, no, no, we just want to see if she comes through.” I’m like, “Nope, sorry. It doesn’t work that way.”

Brandy:  Okay, so the answer to my question is a no. But now I’m on a hunt for somebody who does have a connection to him. Or someone else. I’m sure I could find a less controversial celebrity. But that’s fascinating. Okay, so that makes sense that you can’t just call up somebody that you have no connection to.

Tim:  I heard what you were saying and where you’re going with that and I think that’s cool and all. If I were you, for example, if you’re wanting to start a new career, or if you want a career getting launched, or you need a certain contract to be established, I would call on Spirit and say, “Anybody on Spirit side who can help me with this, please come.” I feel having a CFO that has crossed over who launches your product is better than contacting Michael Jackson. 

Brandy:  Oh yeah. I’m already doing the other thing that you mentioned. I’m always like, “Spirit guides, anybody?” I have little people that I connect to, but I just thought more for entertainment. Like if you’re a super fan of somebody. But no, that makes sense, there should be boundaries and I understand that. One of the other times that I won’t ever forget was a reading I had with you where you said something like, “You know, Brandy, it’s going to be really interesting what you end up doing.” And you mentioned something about me talking in front of lots of—as you put it—women with babies. This is before I had kids, which is just interesting. But when I heard you say, “It’s going to be interesting what you end up doing,” my overthinking, sometimes pessimistic brain was like, “Oh my god, what does that mean?” I think I even said to you, “Is that like, I lose my legs in a hot air ballooning accident? When you say interesting, just how interesting are we talking about?” I was trying to get more information. Like, “Did you mean interesting-bad, interesting-good?” And you were very serious with me. You said something like,”Brandy, you have to be careful what you focus your mind on.” And I never forgot it. Admittedly, my mind still overthinks some dark things. But I sometimes think about where I’m at in life and I wonder, “Is this what Tim meant by interesting?” You’ve stamped yourself into my life in that way that I’m always like, “Is this the ‘interesting’ Tim was talking about?” {Laughs}

Tim:  {Laughs} Sure, absolutely. You know, for your listening audience that you have, there’s obviously women who have either aborted, miscarried, or have had stillborns. Now, if a woman hasn’t gone through that then count yourself lucky. That’s a blessing. But even my last sitting today, my fifth sitting before I zoomed over from Newport Beach back to the house here to do this with you, I was looking at this woman’s lap. Of course, I’m in a room with this woman and she’s only about 35 years of age and I just keep on looking down at her lap but more towards the vagina area. She kind of looked at me and she goes, “Everything, okay?” And I said, “Yeah, there’s two babies on your lap. I’m just trying to figure out if it’s a boy or girl.” And she goes, “Oh, okay.”So I just kept on looking at her lap. And I’m like, “Okay, this one’s a boy, he was aborted and this is a girl, she was a stillborn.” The lady lost it. 

Brandy:  Oh, Of course.

Tim:  She basically started wailing? She goes, “I’ve never forgiven myself for having that abortion.” I said, “Well, the boy was the abortion, the girl was the miscarriage.” Then she just started crying again. She goes, “I always told my husband and my girlfriends the one I miscarried, I knew it was a girl. Whenever children—When I say “children,” babies, miscarriages, abortions and children under three years of age. Anytime one of those comes into a sitting, I always tell my clients that’s the highest amount of love that comes into a sitting. It’s unconditional love. Pets as well. They don’t care who you are or where you’re from, the only thing they care about is just giving/receiving unconditional love. On a daily basis, Brandy, I see miscarriages, abortions, stillborns. Of course, I record all the sessions for the client.We only hold the recordings for three weeks and then after that we delete them because we have no use for them. We always tell the clients, “If you don’t get it within the week, let us know and we’ll resend it to you before it’s erased. That recording is for you to share with other family members or keep to yourself or it’s up to you if you want to delete it. It’s your recording.” So much healing comes in from doing this work and every day is very individualistic. It’s different from day to day.

Brandy:  That’s so cool. Yeah. I remember some of these things happening with us and pets and things. You can’t describe the feeling of being in that energy and getting those messages. It’s just amazing.

Tim:  I had a client a few years ago and her German Shepherd came in and then she started to laugh after she started crying. She goes, “Isn’t it crazy I’m crying over my German Shepherd, but my father who’s standing right here in spirit, I’m not even crying over him?” I’m like, “Well, you know, it’s unconditional love that’s, that’s coming in.” 

Brandy:  Yeah.

Tim:  Another thing as far as all of us that are on the planet, young, old, middle aged, we’re all here for a reason. When we are on spirit side, all of us, before we incarnate, we are there in soul form. And before we incarnate into that baby’s body, we stand there with a guide. If you don’t want to use the word “guide,” you can interpret that as basically the best concierge service at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, where basically, you can tell that person anything that you want, and they just keep on smiling, and they keep on saying, “Okay, how can I help you? Okay, how can I help you?” And you’re like, “You’re an idiot.” “How can I help you?”

Brandy:  Like an Alexa or a Siri? {Laughs}

Tim:  {Laughs} Exactly. “How can I help you?” But Alexa with more feeling and more empathy and more unconditional love.

Brandy:  Sentient. Yes. 

Tim:  Yeah. Before you incarnate, that guide will say, “Okay, Brandy, are you sure you want to incarnate? That’s going to be your mother, that’s gonna be your father, that’s the age you’re gonna die, those are the uphill battles you’re going to have, that’s the situations that you’re going to be going through. Are you wanting to do this?” The reason why you’re here is because you said yes. When that child is born, that soul goes in that body. When the umbilical cord is cut, that is when the soul forgets what it signed on to do. So technically, you me, and every other adult on the planet right now are walking around aimlessly wondering what else we signed on to do.

Brandy:  Shit, that’s the interesting part. Tim, you’re scaring me again. {Laughs} 

Tim:  The thing is, is that in life you don’t have, really, any enemies and you don’t have any lovers or husbands or wives or best friends, you only have teachers. Each person’s a teacher teaching you something. So sometimes you see people who are born dirt poor, and then they’re rich and famous for the last 30-40 years of their life. Sometimes you have people who are rich and famous up until 25 and then they go through bankruptcy and they’re living on the street for the last 30 years. You might say, “What’s that all about?” Well, that person had obviously learned humility in this lifetime, so are you going to do it in the beginning, are you going to do it at the end, and sometimes that’s why a lot of things at the very end of a person’s life happen. A lot of things that some people would look at as horrible things. I look at them as a lot of lessons. It had to be done, and you just waited longer than you should have to learn these lessons. 

Brandy:  Wow. 

Tim:  So with that being said, not to scare you, I would say anytime that you go out, and there’s something difficult, just say, “Okay, Spirit, bring it on. What is it I’m supposed to learn? Show me the good. What’s the good? What am I supposed to learn?” If you keep on saying that over and over again—As I say, “God, show me the good.” Then Spirit, the universe, God will actually show you what the good is and what the lesson is that you’re supposed to learn so then you can eradicate it and move on and do something else.

Brandy:  Yeah, that feels kind of life changing. Huh. Yeah, I’m gonna have to breathe that in and think about that. That feels very, very profound. What things do you do differently now knowing what you know? Are you gluten and dairy free because you know that’s the way you’re supposed to do it? Or do you know that’s pointless and so you live life to the fullest and indulge? How does having this lens give you an insight into living your life that we mere mortals might not have? I mean, I know you’re a mortal, but, you know.

Tim:  Yeah, like I said, I’m just a lay person in a human body that just has this ability to connect with people on spirit side. For me, I exercise four days a week. The reason why I exercise is, it’s called a “trainer” at the gym, which is basically called a “paid babysitter.” So I have a paid babysitter that waits for me four days a week at the gym with a clipboard, and he works my butt off four days a week. Now, I sit at the office for five, six hours a day so I need that exercise for me. Now, does it help my ability? Absolutely. It keeps my mind sharp and clear. But as far as vegan, this or that—I tell all my friends and I’ll tell everyone in your listening audience, listen to your body. If your body says, “I don’t want any meat tonight, I just want to do vegetables,” then listen to your body. I rarely eat red meat, but—this is going back about a month ago—I ordered a burger. They looked at me like, “You’re ordering a burger?” And I’m like, “Yeah, I’m just craving it. I must be craving iron or something, but I’m craving it.” Haven’t had a burger since. So listen to your body and I think if you can listen to your body, that’s the most important thing. But for me, I have to make sure that I meditate every day, to make sure that I get a good night’s sleep before the next day of sittings in order to have a clear mind.

Brandy:  Yeah. So I saw on one of your videos that you love murder mystery shows. By the way to the listeners, Tim does these little quick bite-size videos that answer people’s questions and they’re always super fascinating. I saw in one of those that you love murder mystery shows Has it ever happened where you’re watching that show, something like Unsolved Mysteries, and you get some intel from Spirit about it? Us regular people watch that show and we go like, “I bet that person did it!” But you have a direct line to some other knowledge. Does that ever happen for you? Are you solving murders?

Tim:  It does sometimes when I’m watching Forensic Files or Dateline.

Brandy:  Oh my gosh!

Tim:  Sometimes. That’s a sometimes. However, I always tell Spirit, “Leave me alone. This is my entertainment.” That’s really the god’s honest truth. People say, “You’re watching murder mysteries and you’re a spiritual person, and you’re doing this work? That’s really negative energy. That’s really bad energy.” For me, it’s a release. Because there’s a lot of times clients come into the office and the husband comes through, and he was found floating down next to his boat and the woman said, “We don’t know if it’s suicide or murder.” I sometimes can tell, “Okay, it’s murder, or it’s definitely a suicide.” And they want to know who did it, if it’s, of course, murder. Many times I can’t figure out who it is, sometimes I’m able to kind of pinpoint what was happening, what they were seeing right before they were killed. The reason why I watch the murder mysteries is because at the end of those shows, they always catch the person and they always usually get life in prison without the possibility of parole, and that makes me happy because that’s closure for me. It’s like, “Okay, good. There’s closure.” Because at times, sometimes a client does not get the closure, like “Who murdered my daughter? Who is this person? Etc, etc.

Brandy:  Yeah. Right. Except for Unsolved Mysteries, which is—We know the title says “unsolved” and yet, at the end of every episode, I’m like, “How do they not know this?!” And then I’m like, “I’m the one that watched a show called Unsolved Mysteries. This is my bad.”

Tim:  I got a phone call—this is going back probably 18-19 years ago. This is when I was answering the phone myself, taking calls. I picked up the phone and this man in this very, very deep voice says, “Is this Timothy Braun?” Nobody calls me Timothy, especially with this deep voice. I’m like, “Yes. This is Tim Braun.” He goes, “This is Detective so and so with the Ontario police department. I’m like, “Yes?” Of course, I’m scared. I’m like, “Oh my god, what’s going on?” I mean, I get nervous when I walk out of Pavillions grocery store, and I don’t buy something. I feel like they think that I’m shoplifting. That’s how sensitive I am. {Laughs}

Brandy:  {Laughs} Okay. So to get the police calling you is like, a big deal. 

Tim:  Exactly and I feel like looking at the checkers, I’m like, “Okay, I just came in here to look, I didn’t steal anything.” So I really have this really sensitive complex there. But the man called up and I said, “How can I help you?” And he goes, “Well, there’s been a murder up here in Fontana. I heard you’re very good at what you do. Would you be interested in coming out here to Fontana? I said, “No, I just don’t do that.” And he goes, “Well, this is the story. The boyfriend already admitted to killing his girlfriend and putting her in the trash receptacle.” I said, “Okay, then what do you need me for?” He says, “Well, we’re just trying to find the body. We don’t know if it’s in the Ontario dump, or the Riverside dump.” And I said, “I don’t know, I don’t do work like this.” And he goes, “Well, we were looking in the Ontario dump…” And I just blurted out, “Nope, she’s in the Riverside dump.” And he goes, “I thought you don’t do this?” I’m like, “I don’t. But she’s not in the Ontario dump, she’s in the Riverside dump.” He goes, “We can send a squad car out and we can have you come to both dumps.” I’m like, “Nope, not necessary, let’s leave it like that.” So anyways, as you would have it, fast forward like two weeks, I just happened to turn on the news at a certain time, like 5:35 or something like that and it basically had that case. They said, “Woman just found in Riverside dump.” So I know that I could do that but I just don’t. I’d just rather watch it on Dateline and let everybody else do the dirty work.

Brandy:  Does it seem just too dark and too sad? 

Tim:  It’s heavy. 

Brandy:  Yeah. Yeah, I don’t blame you for that.

Tim:  It’s a heaviness there. I always tell clients, I’m a medium so I’m basically like a muffler man. I’m not an astrologer (brake man). I’m not a psychic (even though I am, but I don’t advertise as that) so I’m not an engine person. I just focus in on the mufflers. Mufflers for me is mediumship. That’s what I’m good at and that’s what I stick to.

Brandy:  Yeah. What would you say is your most memorable reading that you’ve ever had? Is there one that sticks out for you? 

Tim:  PG-13? 

Brandy:  No!

Tim:  PG? Rated R? 

Brandy:  We go anywhere here, Tim. 

Tim:  Really? Okay, let me see. There’s so many of them.

Brandy:  Uh oh!

Tim:  I’ll give you a couple. This is kind of like the rated R one. This was just basically—I’m telling this story because as a medium, no matter how crazy it sounds, we have to trust ourselves and we have to go out on a limb and say things. 

Brandy:  Okay. 

Tim:  This woman came in and she sat down and her fiancé was coming through and hugging her and giving his age. I think he was like 27 years of age. Then all of a sudden, I said, “Oh, he has really blonde hair.” She goes, “Well, I had two boyfriends and to tell you the truth, one we lived with but he broke up with me, and then the other one was my fiancé at the end. Which one is it? I said, “No, he’s like, 27 years of age.” And she goes, “Well, they’re both 28 years of age.” I’m like, “Okay, well close enough.” So what I did is I closed my eyes, and I just took a deep breath. I came from love and I said, “Sir—” Even though I’m much older than the 27 year old. I just said, “Sir, if you can, can you mentally give me some information to share with her to help provide healing for her?” 

Brandy:  Oh, geez. {Laughs}

Tim:  I said it very sincerely with love. If you ever want to manifest something in life, whatever it may be, come from love. Don’t come from ego or greed, come from love and you’ll get your wish. So I opened my eyes and my eyes must have bugged open. She goes, “What what?” I kind of scared her and I said, “I can’t believe I’m going to say this.” She goes, “No, Say it, say it!” I said, “Well, when he gets an erection, he said that his penis veers off to the left.”

Brandy:  Oh my god, hilarious. 

Tim:  Once I said that to her, she started breaking down crying and she goes, “That’s not my fiancé. That’s not even my boyfriend. That’s my first love!” She was even expecting him to come into the sitting. She didn’t invite him in.

Brandy:  How old was she that she had three lovers that had passed? Was she older?

Tim:  No, she was only in her early 30’s. 

Brandy:  Whoa, that’s wild.

Tim:  Yeah, whether it’s for two years or three years or one year, it still is a lover. So that showed the validation that was not her fiancé and it showed the validation that wasn’t her boyfriend that broke up with her that she used to live with. It showed that he was the first one. Now that’s a rated R one. I would say a rated PG-13 one would be—I had this one client, I still remember her name because her name was Cinnamon. Who names their child Cinnamon? I don’t know. 

Brandy:  A baker? I don’t know.

Tim:  Yeah, maybe a baker. Her name was Cinnamon, she came in for a sitting. This is 23 years ago because this was in my Torrance office, my first office. She sat down, I did the sitting for her. Then three weeks later, she comes back in all excited, but she brings her tow truck driver-looking husband. okay. The reason why I say tow truck driver-looking husband is because he looked like a tow truck driver. He sat down and he crossed his arms and crossed his legs. You just can tell he didn’t want to be there. But she saw me three weeks earlier. She had a great experience. She had a great sitting so she wanted to share it with him. So anyway, I proceeded to tell—in the sitting I said, “There’s this one male coming through. He’s telling me that he was in Vietnam with you.” He just basically said very sarcastically, “I had four friends in Vietnam, and they all died. Take your pick.” He said it really rude. I’m like, “Okay.” I basically closed my eyes just for a second, opened back up, came from love and when I closed my eyes, I said to the man in spirit, “Can you help him? He’s hurting.” What that man in spirit did is he put his hand over his testicles, and said, “Tell him my left testicle was shot off.” Once I said that to him, his demeanor totally changed. He put his head between his knees and started crying. Then after about a minute or two he composed himself. I can tell it was a very shocking experience because even the wife had never seen her husband cry before. I could just tell that she’s never seen him ever cry like this before. This is really interesting about the work that I do because doing this work, it’s not an official AT&T phone call. It’s kind of like a muffled phone call. Sometimes we don’t hear as clearly as Spirit is trying to push through. He came up and he goes “Okay, yes, I was in Vietnam with him. And yes, we all joked with him because he got shot, and he got his left testicle shot off. But he goes, You told me that he died in Vietnam. He didn’t die in Vietnam. He died seven years later when he came back to California in a car accident.” That’s where it kind of gets a little bit of a fine line there. Yes, I picked up the left testicle. Yes, I got Vietnam and I got him there. Perfect. I actually thought that the man died there. 

Brandy:  Right. 

Tim:  But the client said,”No, no, he didn’t die there. He died here in California seven years later.” So that’s an interesting one. But I do a lot of work for celebrities. They come in often. Honestly Brandy, more than half the time I don’t even recognize them. The receptionist at the front that takes care of the office, she’ll tell me. But half the time, I just don’t recognize them and the reason why is because honestly, I just don’t care. 

Brandy:  Yeah. {Laughs} 

Tim:  I treat everybody the same, whether a person can barely afford to see me or whether a person can buy me over a million times I treat everybody the same. As I always like to say, “Death does not discriminate. It affects us all.”

Brandy:  Do you know that’s part of a line from Hamilton, and it’s so hard to not finish that sentence? Have you seen Hamilton, Tim? 

Tim:  No. What’s the sentence? 

Tim:  Oh, it’s, “Death does not discriminate between the sinners and the saints. It takes and it takes and it takes and we keep living anyway.”

Tim:  Oh wow, I never heard that before.

Brandy:  It’s wonderful. I highly recommend Hamilton, I think you would find it really, really interesting. 

Tim:  Wonderful. I’ll have to check that out. 

Brandy:  Like many things, I didn’t mean to turn this into Hamilton

Tim:  {Laughs} That’s okay. 

Brandy:  Gosh, I have sent a bunch of people your way over the years. Everyone I’ve told about you tells me they had a session with you and that it was life changing. So needless to say, I can’t recommend you enough. What you offer cannot be gotten any other way, really,I think. It’s such a unique healing experience and it’s so eye opening. I know so many people out there have lost loved ones, even pets. We’ve had pets come through, which, like Tim has explained, is amazing. And I think there’s so many people who could benefit from just being in their loved ones’ energy for an hour and receiving loving messages and just the validation, too, that they’re not completely alone. One of the things that I mentioned at the beginning was for my wedding. I hadn’t really thought about this until I sat with you, but at my wedding, I did place name cards, and I made name cards for my family members who had passed over. So I had them there and I would not have thought to do that—and I had a plant for each of them so it was like their presence was honored. Before seeing you I would have never thought to do something like that. It felt really meaningful because I felt like, “They’re not gone completely.” So anyway, I can’t say enough amazing things about you. Tim, where can people find you online and possibly book a session with you whether remote or in person when things are back to normal?

Tim:  Sure, you can just go to TimBraunMedium.com and that’s all my handles for Instagram and Twitter and Facebook, Tim Braun Medium. You can go online to find out what I have available. Usually I’m booked up about four or five weeks in advance. But if you really need to get in in an emergency, just tell Ashley to put you on top of the waitlist. My office is in Fashion Island in Newport Beach. I work Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Wednesdays are my only days off and Saturdays and Sundays, that’s my downtime.

Brandy:  Okay, and you also do stuff over phone or Zoom? Something like that? 

Tim:  Yeah, so phone and in person, there’s no difference as long as by phone, you’re not having anybody that’s gonna be ringing the doorbell or dogs barking or music playing in the background. If you can have complete silence, the sitting by phone is just as valid as in person. I tell people by phone, if you don’t want to come to the office because of the pandemic, or just because you’re out of state or the country, 10-15 minutes before the sitting, just meditate for 5-10-15 minutes. Just get centered, get calm. You’re going to have to do that in my office anyways. We want everybody to get there 15 minutes ahead of time, so you can relax. It’s just the same and there’s no difference in the communication.

Brandy:  Okay. And what would you say to people who are skeptical? Is there some sort of thing you have for them?

Tim:  Yeah, you know, I’m a skeptical person myself, as I mentioned. If you come to me or you go to any other medium, always remember, the less the medium knows, the better. So don’t give any information. The less the medium knows the better. There was a sitting even on Monday at my office and the woman brought some pictures in. You can tell they’re in a grocery bag. At the very end of the sitting, she goes, “I want to show you my fiancé, and also my grandfather who came through. I said, “No, I’d rather not see the pictures.” And she says, “No, no, you’re spot on. You’re right on about their look and the moustache and all that. Why don’t you want to see them?” I said, “Well, if you have another sitting with me in the future, what if your grandfather had a big old black mole on his cheek, and the next time you come in, I see that, then that comes in from validation. It doesn’t come through that Tim saw the picture, you might have remembered my grandfather having a big black mole.”

Brandy:  Right, smart.

Tim:  So, I always like to say the less I know the better. Always remember that this is a sitting. We sit with Spirit, and we see who comes in and who doesn’t come through. There’s never any guarantees who’s going to come in and who doesn’t. In my work, I have to say it’s a 97% success rate. 95-97% success rate on the first sitting where the people that need to come in or were invited to come in, come in. But it’s very individualistic from sitting to sitting.

Brandy:  Okay, Tim, thank you so much for saying yes to this. It was such a treat for me and I hope I didn’t wear you out with all of my questions.

Tim:  As a suggestion, if you want, if you have some of your viewers having some questions that weren’t asked today and they want to ask some more specific questions, or maybe some lessons on how to do meditation or anything like that. If you want to take a list of their questions, and then have me come back on, I’d be more than willing to do that. 

Brandy:  Oh, my gosh, you’re so sweet. Okay, that’s happening. I’ll have to tell my people to come up with their questions. I’m sure people have a million. Awesome. Thank you so much for being a fond part of me and my husband’s lives. Hopefully we will see you soon in person. Just this morning, my husband was like, “I need to book a session with Tim.” And I’m like, “So funny, I’m talking to him later.” We will be seeing you soon. 

Tim:  Okay. All right, Brandy. Thanks so much, and we’ll talk later.

Brandy:  Have I mentioned that you should go see Tim? I still have about a thousand questions for him but this interview at least tended to some of them. I also wanted to make sure that I commented about him saying as long as you give 110% to your family and job. That’s what’s important. I just want to say that as moms, just know that we are operating without a safety net, nor a village and are also conditioned to do way more than our fair share. So I know most of you already give 300%. So let’s just interpret Tim’s message as, “Pull back from 300% down to 110% mom’s, okay?” I know what he’s saying with doing your best at whatever you do, no matter your role, and I agree. But I just worry about a group of overwhelmed moms hearing that they need to give more. So don’t give more because you’re already giving more. Give less! 110% is less than you’re likely giving right now. 

Brandy:  A quick plug for my book, which as an indie author I gotta do. If you’re enjoying this podcast, you will likely enjoy my book Adult Conversation: A Novel. It’s a darkly comedic story about a frazzled modern mother and her therapist who go on a Thelma and Louise style road trip to Vegas, looking for pieces of themselves that motherhood and marriage swallowed up while they are also tested and tempted to make life altering choices. Yes, there are strippers, there’s weed, it’s Vegas. One reviewer said, “Absolutely felt seen and understood by the author because she put in all the real parts of motherhood. Great insights and a must read for any woman contemplating having children or any mom in the weeds with them.” And there’s also an audiobook version of my book, which I narrated. In case you can’t fathom being able to sit still and read a book during summer with kids. As always, thanks for listening.

** As always, thank you to Scott Weigel and his band, Seahorse Moon, for providing me with that jaunty intro and outro music. You guy are awesome. Check ’em out on iTunes.