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Show Transcript:

After about three years of being paralyzed by the sound of my own voice, the Adult Conversation podcast is finally here! No seriously, Adult Conversation was a podcast before it was anything else, and I recorded about three hundred different intros of me saying my name – introducing myself – and I hated all of them, and so it never got off the ground. Apparently I care a lot less now, so here we are!

So, why did I start a podcast at all? (Maybe you’re wondering)

The answer is to continue to do what I love to do, which is having adult conversations. This podcast is like the live, audio version of my writing online, except there are guests sometimes. But hopefully there are the same amount of LOLs. As always, humor is infused in everything I do. It is my number one coping tool. Number two is Xanax, but number one is humor, for sure. The Adult Conversation podcast is just an extension of my Facebook page. It’s a way that we can continue the conversation, we can make it a bit more personal, and we can go into depth on so many different things.

If there’s one thing I want this podcast to be, it’s real talk. It’s the stuff many of us are feeling, but most moms aren’t saying. I really want it to be validating to you, and I want it to help you feel seen in this role as “mom.” Sometimes, especially in the early part of motherhood, we can’t even articulate what we are feeling. We’re just like trying to stay alive – we’re too busy surviving. So my hope is that this podcast helps you better understand your own experience from someone who has had twelve years to overthink the entire thing. I’m not saying that’s healthy, but there we have it.

We are going to be brutally honest about parenting and marriage topics, yes, sex, yes, (episode two), but we are also really going to really flex our adult conversation muscles and branch out into some bigger topics such as the injustices of modern parenting, racism, the challenges of parenting a transgender child, our broken public school system, moms who are getting into politics, polygamy (I don’t know). Basically, anything is up for discussion that I deem interesting and I will try to bring you entertaining, inspiring – and of course, hilarious – guests. I do believe that good conversation can be literally life-changing.

I have always been an open book, and now is no different. If me being open and honest can help other people feel less isolated and more free, then sign me up. That honestly is the entire crux of my being right there. Now you can imagine that being married to me sometimes puts one on blast when they don’t want to be. So, I am able to talk about marriage, my husband and dads in an honest way for two reasons. One is that my husband and I have a solid relationship that is built on honest communication. And also love. There’s that too. I can say the things I say on here because I have said it to him and we have worked through it. None of this – well, not none of it, but – most of this is not new. These are things that we’ve talked about in our marriage for years. Secondly, my husband is just an exceptional person. And it’s true that he’s not totally comfortable with my desire to tell everybody about all the things, but a few weeks ago I brought it up and we discussed it, and he blew me away. He told me that he was really proud of the important work I was doing and he said that he feels it’s his job, as an ally to women and mothers, to get out of the way and not take it personally.

I mean, what a guy, seriously? I know I’m super lucky. He’s amazing. And also, shit’s still hard even with a woke-ass husband. More on that in episode one. A lot more on that.

One thing that you should know about me, aside from the fact that I was on Supermarket Sweep two times, is I have spent the past decade being a childbirth educator, a doula, and also helping women through birth trauma. In my career, I have seen a lot of families be born and I’ve seen a lot of mothers cracked wide open. I’ve seen a lot as an intimate support person in addition to parenting my own kids who are twelve and five. Working in the birth world also is a great way to teach you that there is no right way to do anything. We’re all doing our best, and that is seriously good enough. Except for our government. Not good enough, government, not good enough.

So thank you to all my past followers – the OGs, especially the Ridickleboxers – and welcome to the new people. I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Lastly, if you like what you hear, please subscribe and please leave a review. These things help me immensely. Ideally, I’d like to be bringing you a podcast a week and well, that takes something called childcare and equipment, so if you want to really support me in my mission of showcasing real talk about motherhood, please head over to patreon.com/adultconversation. It’s super easy and you can pledge as little at $4 per month and really help me make this into a thriving podcast. For half of what it costs to buy a Costco rotisserie chicken, you can support a mom on her side gig (aka sanity). And help me justify spending my kid-free time doing this. It’s kind of like a virtual tip jar. And maybe that money could go to buying rubbers too. I don’t know. I’m just saying, maybe you could support me in my quest for birth control.

And I want to give a quick shout out to my college friend, Scott Weigel, and his band, Seahorse Moon, for providing me with that jaunty intro and outro music. You guy are awesome. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Alright, on with the show! This is real life, real people, recorded at my kitchen table, with sounds of my cat eating and my water filtration system making weird slurping noises way too often. Of course my cat is going to motherfucking eat right now. (Insert the sound of tiny cat teeth crunching hard cat food). Thanks, Inky.